Alice in the Clouds

cropped-146226388862567.gifAlice’s face was painted with swirls of lilac and sapphire. Her smiling lips shone a deep magenta after her favourite singing flower. If Alice were to sing she would become nervous and try to do it all quick. This resulted in huffs of notes and a very unbalanced Alice. That is why Alice couldn’t sing, in fact, she wouldn’t, not ever again. Singing always made her smile go away, actually, it wasn’t just her smile that would go away but that of her Mama’s, Papa’s, music instructor, gardener, nursemaid, governess, school mates, nearly everyone’s smile went away when she sang. Everyone except her cat Mr Tibby, he endured her singing in a place of slumber and didn’t awake. Not even when she got really loud in what should have been a high-pitched note but to anyone else seemed more of a yell than anything else. Alice wondered if all cats were this way. All the ladies that would swarm around her to hear her sing were not cats though, none even hinted at a grin, all they did was get dressed in all sorts of summer dress’, while her anxious mother, in a purple dress stood to Alices left. To Mr Tibby it was a wonder Alice hadn’t run away sooner. And to another land no less.


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