Alice ought to have been afraid. The hand on the clock stood still and hadn’t moved. It would be unimportant as one may argue it was likely broken but Alice was surrounded by shelves of clocks, all of which had stopped at the same moment.

Alice waved her gloved hand in front of a salesman that wore a frown like one would a poor hairstyle, as though it weren’t already out of fashion.

‘How very peculiar,’ she said. All the while the salesman stood frozen in place with not a hint of a blink. A light brush, like a butterfly wing, ran across her neck causing her to spin around. A mantle display of a coo coo clock blared a chime that pierced through the heart of silence in the air.  The bird spun around on hinges thrice and returned into a door within the clock. Everything remained still. Beside the clock hung a bronze-framed mirror. Alice gazed at herself in despair.

‘I suppose I am mad but this is so out of sorts. What do you suppose Alice?’ she said to her reflection.

‘You’re late Alice!’ her reflection said back. And with that being said, arms rushed forth from the mirror around her waist and pulled her in.  Her gasp was cut short as the sight of coloured blobs circled around her, thus rendering her speechless. Her heart wasn’t going to be able take much more of this she thought. The world spun and morphed with faces appearing, and chairs and clocks passing her by. Alice knew this spiral well for she had fallen into it twice before, but never had it been through a mirror.

Alice wondered when she would stop, she had been falling for what felt like hours.

‘There you are.’ A grip held her tight.  Still Alice feared the thought of her reflection. She began to struggle away from the arms wrapped around her until she saw bright golden eyes.

‘Hatter is that you, you look…’ Hatter’s face had paled to a ghostly shade and beneath his eyes were dark half moons. Hatter brought her gently down and walked to an enormous bed. He went under four layers of covers before giving her a small, sad smile and closing his eyes.

‘Alice what took you so long?’ squealed the door mouse.

‘Well I-‘ I stammered looking at my feet to not step on her.

‘I told you we should have called to her earlier she never knows the way’ I turned to see the white rabbit who’s ears were folded down. They were rather droopy.

‘Oh but giving directions has never much been my strong suit’ laughed the cheshire cat gliding in front of me.

‘Who is to say she will be of much help, she doesn’t quite strike me as Alice,’ Absolem, the butterfly, fluttered to my nose. His blue wings spanned open and closed with black dots that looked like dozens of eyes glaring at me, plus a set of his own.

‘What’s wrong with Hatter?’ I regained my voice and no one quite looked me in the eye, even Absolem fluttered from my nose.

‘You must help him Alice’ the door mouse said solemnly.




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