The Tweedles meet Alice

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum hadn’t had a thought that they didn’t then speak aloud for centuries. They were very proper and took no interest in keeping things to themselves. For they believed they were rather intelligent, and anything they said was worth being heard. One might say they had an open-mind, as it wasn’t filled with all too much. In fact when they had first met Alice, they had their first, ever, thought. They wished to perform for her, and tell her a rather clever tale.

Both Tweedles stood aghast as Alice bumped straight into them. They danced around her, rather upset and pounced every which way. Which, for obvious reasons, startled little golden-haired Alice. She fell with a grand huff of annoyance. Dusting the soil off her dress she started to stand. All the while the Tweedle’s silently exchanged devious looks.

“Oh my! If you hadn’t noticed I am in quite the hurry,” said Alice about to get away.

The Tweedles couldn’t have that, “You are quite rude” cried one.

“Terribly so!” cried the other.

Alice frowned and said, “excuse me, but I dare say your prancing knocked me to my feet. I had bumped you and I am sorry, but what you did was on purpose. And you unrightfully call me rude, humph.”

The Tweedles didn’t care much for being told off so they let out their own “humph,” and were grumpy, and cartwheeled -which blocked Alice’s way.

“Goodness. I’m following a white rabbit, now good day to you and I am to be going.” The Tweedles paused mid-cartwheel and muttered to each other.

“Why would you want to follow him?” they asked in unison.

Alice stamped her foot and eyed a fern that the white rabbit had scurried off through.

“I want to know where he’s off to,” she said, “Now please I am in such a hurry.”

Tweedle Dee winked to his brother. They said this next part rather fast and over the other. Not even Alice could keep up with who said what.

“…You know about that curiosity, it almost always kills a cat…”

“…we know of one that barely escaped with his life,

“…quite right he almost died…”

“…but shame you haven’t the time to hear about it…”

“…go on then”

Alice pondered this a moment too long and worse still she said, “A cat, well, I suppose I could spare a moment.”

“Great!” Both Tweedles almost collided but instead, they scooped up Alice and sat her down.

“I am bee-ing honest I don’t know how it begins,” said Tweedle Dee.

“I’ll start it then,” said Tweedle Dum.

Their story went something like this…

Authors note: This story wouldn’t be bite-size-perfect if we included the Tweedles story and so, part 2 The Tale told by the Tweedles, will be posted next week. Happy Father’s Day!


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