A grandmother is always close to your heart,

Even when she is gone you’re never apart.

Clever as stitching and always sewing,

Grandma is always ever knowing.

Drawing birds you find so many common interests,

Spending time with Grandma is simply the best.


Even when life gets hard she still wears the prettiest smile,

She is quite the trend setter, her white hair is even in style.

Grandma makes dads favourite potatos,

Her and mum always set the tables,

A grandchild is alway spoilt beyond belief,

It is these memories that ease the grief.


Grandma will be your biggest fan. 

Your truest of friends- forever. 


Everyday she tries her hardest,

But there comes a time when one needs the rest.

Up in the clouds, in skies above,

We will never part.

For Grandma is at ease, safe in your heart.


Authors note: This poem is dedicated to my grandmother who passed away on the 14.09.2016


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