House of Cards

The higher the number, the greater the fall. It wasn’t meant to be like this. Crumpled and swaying in a moat. The sound of wood knocking and unrelenting yells echoed from afar. Thus indicating it was three o’clock. The Red Queen always played croquet at three. Barry probably lined up her balls now.

But I wasn’t there. I was in a cloud of green moss, that one might call sullied water. They hadn’t even off-ed my head. I was scrunched and tossed. Quite undignified I thought. I had almost half the deck of my brothers and sisters beside me. They rested. But that’s not what I planned to do. I was going to awaken them.

I yelled and I screamed and I tried to knock the others even though it seemed useless. I couldn’t move. So I left the crumple mess of my physical body. And became…well I suppose I now looked like some kind of translucent green thing.

This set off a call.

The others began to do the same. Their souls were released. This happened until there was a large, haunting crowd. We passed the moat and walked through the castle’s wall. Through bricks. Making our way through the gardens. I say we because we acted as one.

The white roses painted red set our ghostly blood boiling. I couldn’t help calling out.

‘Yee White Queen. Yee is purest. Torch the Red Queen’.

I hadn’t known anger before. I did now.

We walked through the castle doors. Croquet had finished and none had been in the gardens. But we had found them now. The chaos began. Papers flew in the air, guards screamed and tried to pierce us with weapons- we didn’t care.

‘Down with the bloody Red Queen,’ we chanted. I saw red and nothing else mattered. We shattered the tall glass windows in our wake, and walked through walls make no mistake. We had no care for mercy.

Our surviving brothers and sisters came to our side -even my cousin, the joker, was not left behind.

We stormed through the halls not as strongly as I had hoped. For we floated and the two of ace even brought along his ghostly, dead pet goat. Aunt of hearts who had three hearts to be exact, still worked away at her knitting and following her, were her cats. Gerald the six of clovers said it wasn’t lucky to storm in with such uneven numbers. But the night was young and our invasion hadn’t been with any blunders.

There she was with her crown. A big red head. And as she waved about her menacing finger. Her eyes were tight with utter fright. I laughed at the child I had once feared. There was no heart in revenge and being as I was the ace of hearts, I said to the others, ‘stop’. Stop and let her be who she is, she’ll find no peace no matter where her journey leads. Anger can only take one so far but evil hadn’t set in and so I refused to have many more battle scars.

We  went forth in the sky. And I saw her blinking in surprise. Her house wouldn’t be a full house of cards, and I saluted those remaining and whispered, ‘now listen here, you’re in charge.’


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