Kiss of death

Droplet shaped crystals hung from the edge. The mask was a cloud of black lace, and her eyes like dark brown shadows. The sheer tie had loosened so she gathered her curls and re-tied it between her hair.

Her fiancée had insisted on a ball. But she was not his Cinderella. She wasn’t even the first he had proposed to. None survived beyond being a fiancée. She knew she should be scared but as she drank from a goblet, on a crimson couch, and swirled her diamond ring around her finger- she failed to care. The consequences of her mother’s choice didn’t seem to bother her any longer. Neither did the luxurious home she had moved into or the new life she would lead. Her mother was selfish but at least Isabella wore diamonds.They had only come to town four days ago. Isabella didn’t plan to stay here too long, but there was no avoiding it now.

When the black feathery rose fell onto her lap,  she was chosen. Her fingertips had felt numb, they still did. She sat up sighing, supposing she ought to dance. Her emerald dress hooked into a wooden detail on the couch. As she gently weaved it out of a spiral she noticed that he stood by the doorway. His teeth glistened in the light. He caught her arm as she walked past him, and looped it through his. He whispered. She stared ahead. The dancers were beautifully gliding across the floor. Their dresses kicked up off the ground each time their partner changed direction.

She didn’t know how to waltz. She hadn’t seen a single face she recognised, which wasn’t hard considering they all wore masks. She especially liked the goose lady who wore white fluffy feathers that fanned out dramatically, and naturally she had a short dance partner too. Isabella giggled.

He stopped talking. The crowd stilled like a painting in the centre of the dance floor, while they descended the stairs. She hoped he would trip. She tried once but he held her tightly so he didn’t. She didn’t try to trip him again. They stood in the centre of the marble floor where a crimson star was paved.

As he kissed her, the crowd gasped that it had happened this fast. They said last year with Kiara he waited until 12. Isabella feigned fatigue and sprawled on the ground with her eyes closed, she hoped he wouldn’t notice. Between her bra she grabbed a stake and stabbed him 11 times. She didn’t know why the town had given her mother money for his blood; but as she twirled the stake around her fingertips she supposed keeping the money within the family wasn’t so bad. The dancers stopped. She saw Martin begin to mop up the body, Sam brought out more wine, Lily asked her father if they could leave because it was done and Natasha had conned the town into letting her move into the mansion. Isabella sighed as she wiped the blood that had splattered on her chest. She had wanted to go out with her friends after this but now she’d have to shower.


Happy Halloween love S xx



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