Spiced pear. No one ever cared for spiced pear. My nose was absolutely sticky with it’s syrup. I didn’t like people much, but the people I knew hadn’t much a feeling for me either. Alice had called me mad. I laughed and unravelled my feline stripes.

I had been alone once. I chased a mouse through a hole. It told me to mind my own business. Which I thought odd for my food hadn’t spoken to me before…I went through the door, to a place upside down, where everyone wore smiles, there was no trace of a frown. And when the Red Queen said she’d like it best if I had no head. A Hatter appeared and danced for her instead. She was most amused, and so the Hatter took me in his arms. I was an unnamed, unwanted kitten but Hatter said look where we are. In this place where “un” was the talk of the town, he said it was called Underland.

He called me “Chesha” and hadn’t sent me away, instead for months he showed me the way.

We danced and we played but it came time we parted. But there was always a pink tea cup on the table, and a chair to spare, and the Hatter said he’d always be here- that he’d always care.


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