Eloise always bathed in lukewarm water. Sprigs of lavender floated on the water’s surface, and kissed her fingertips as she entered the bath.

She mustn’t stay all day, her mother told her. She hadn’t cared all too much for her mother’s tone. For she hadn’t the same idle, fluttery thoughts as her sister Alice. She despised her mother when she confused their personalities. Personally, she actually despised Alice a touch. She didn’t dare voice that opinion aloud.

She couldn’t be blamed for her irritable feelings. Alice had developed in a peculiar fashion, and no matter how she spoke to her -the girl hardly made much sense. Needless to say that Eloise was of age, and the thought of Alice accompanying her to another social event, made her toes numb. For her toes had never forgiven Alice stepping on them whilst learning the art of dance, nor when she tripped over her feet landing on Eloise’s toes. Eloise suspected one day Alice would take a nasty fall. It wasn’t right for a girl to be so clumsy. Her Father brushed it aside as a mild case of curiosity. Eloise didn’t share that opinion.

Eloise placed her palms face up on the waters surface. She closed her eyes and just as a curl became loose from her tied up hair, she heard a distance screech and the name, “Alice,” flying down the hallways. The door cracked open, and in spurted young Alice. Her neck was red and her golden curls spilled across her face.

“Shh” she said.

I had about to begin protests of my own, but I resigned myself into saying nothing and rearranging myself. I slid down within the bath with my knees bent.

“I saw him,” said Alice tempting me to allow her to stay. I hadn’t a clue of whom she spoke of.

“Where this time?”

“He was in the blueberry pie I just…” Alice had an imagination that aloud her mind to play fickle games on her.

“What was it? A spider, a mouse.”

“A white rabbit,” she said I made a show of sighing in disappointment.

I coaxed her into coming closer with my finger,  and flicked her on the nose.

“You naughty bunny,” I said.

“Aren’t you late for the party? Liam asked if you would go.”

Ordinarily Liam would avoid my sister like the plague. I stifled a grin.

“So he asked how I fared then?” I said

“Well yes, and in front of father no less! He must be in love with you,” exclaimed Alice far too loudly.

“Hush your tongue, he feels no such way. Pass me that towel”

She handed me a fluffy towel and I patted my arms dry. I thought of what I might say to him, but then, I always did like how he stumbled upon his words with me. He called me princess, I refused to look him in the eye, and so our game went. When he asked me to dance I would hesitate, and reluctantly give him my glove. And only by the second dance might I allow a smile to escape my lips, and his eyes would light in such a way that I could hardly describe.

I wrapped the towel around myself a combed my hair. Looking at Alice’s wild curls, I took a ribbon. I tied a blue ribbon in Alice’s hair and said, “There, to tame those unruly curls.” Alice flicked my hand away giggling and I smiled.



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