Down the rabbit hole

Alice hadn’t seen what hit her in the face.

It happened again. Silk petals flew.

Colours blurred.

Alice found herself staring into another set of blue eyes.

Alice had been pretending to listen to her tutor’s monotone voice. Who was reading from yet another historical book, or perhaps it was about the art of being a lady. Regardless, Alice was busying herself in a very important task.

Grass homes.

It was no measly task. It involved knotting grass, and Alice often liked to tie them along two twigs. She blew and a windmill of leaves spun.

Lying on her back she wondered if she ought to make another. Just as the butterfly flew from her nose, she saw a white fluffy tail in the corner of her eye. I’m mad, she thought simply.

From the dirt appeared a black gap. The bunny poked out its ears from the darkness then whiskers and finally his whole face.

Alice heard heavy snoring coming from her tutor (which she thought was un-lady-like indeed!).

Without a glance in her direction, Alice ran and crouched before the hole. It looked endless. Alice lifted one hand and went to grab a different blade of grass to hang onto. She felt nothing. With a heavy gust of wind she lost her footing. Alice tumbled into the hole too breathless to scream and too shocked to cry.

“Don’t let her hear you say that!” muttered a voice.

“She’ll be here and the what?” cried another.

Cards played chess and flamingos had umbrellas, there were moving statues of fish riding horses and of bread flying, teacups that fought to the death, and Alice felt she would never again regain her breath!

She thought it had gone on forever. A window swirled down near and the view was of grass growing and dying and growing and dying and growing and dying. Shw had half a mind to think hefself late for something. Alice was propelling down in such a hurry and getting nowhere. It got so much that she hardly cared where she landed she just wished it to be over. She closed her eyes and took a breath and when she opened them – Alice was somewhere like nothing that she could have ever imagined – and certainly nowhere like from one of her tutors silly books.

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