Time to Brag

I’ve been staring at an empty tea-cup for as long as I can remember. Nothing can last forever. But this feeling has.

Loops of time could be soundly manipulated and woven like scarves, but I do tire of it. I clutch at my tea-cup, but loosen my grip so it can spin around my thumb. I would be bored of such games but there wasn’t a lot going on.

Sure I was powerful, attractive, my moustache was rather impressive, and I am the master of time; but none of those things really mattered. They are so superficial. I needed someone greatly inferior to brag to!

So I attempted just that – starting with the bunny. He never had any time, (lateness is not an endearing quality I must say!) but I had unlimited. The trouble was I hadn’t enough time to brag about much else since he was late, and hey, I’m not a monster. So after I thoroughly went through the abundance and quality of time I possess, and my relaxing aromatherapy regime, (more men should do it, bubble baths are delightful!) I searched for a new victim. I mean friend, they call victims “friendship” now – do they not?

Upon arrival, the Hatter wished me a very, “Happy Un-Birthday!” There was cake and a mouse and if he were a clock, I’d say he had a screw loose or went coo-coo – if you know what I mean. After all was settled and the group was just throwing plates, I began mentioning my superior moustache and how each grandson of Time grew a moustache in the finest-timely-fashion and when he became rather cross and confused and ordered me to leave – I went. For he held a large pot of boiling tea…

The Red Queen is not hard to find. Once located, I bragged about my attractive outwardly appearance and she smiled. I’m not sure why I ran all the way into the woods.

Chesha interrupted me to ask where I was going with my statements, but he listened to them all, he didn’t seem fussed but said,Ā I am a cat, laughed, and disappeared.

Absolem sat upon my shoulder as this occurred, and questioned me about my existence. I mean who tells you, you are not the real you?

I went home with a tea-cup in hand and wove out some time. I finally understood how humans easily wasted it. I would have been distraught, but I saw my moustache reflected in my darjeeling tea. I am attractive, I have an impressive moustache, I AM TIME. I would find new friends to brag to tommorrow!

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