The Falling Song

I was tumbling down beneath the solid ground. I spun so fast, I wish it wouldn’t last.

But indeed it did. There I went. Down below the earth. But I think, I really do think,

it could be worse. My fears proved true and I said to you. Why oh why is there

a bunny in a coattail? And was that a watch? I wish I didn’t ask because

a purple cat whispered close your eyes. So in this fit of delusion you

screamed out and said, but look there, above the chair, flying

bread I think it is. I said I’m scared but down we went.

Further still. I wish I hadn’t eaten so much this

afternoon. I could of been sick but you said I

better not. How helpful a suggestion that

was. Not. I said but how do you know

when we can’t see where it ends

so far below. You claimed you’d

been down here yesterday. I

could have screamed aloud

at your foolishness

but you were

giggling like

a mad woman

only you were a child.

I was too old to still be falling.

My heart would surely give way. It did not, not

yet anyway. But oh I could never forget. Your face as we

fell all over the place and the world you called Wonderland.  Good heavens

how could one call  it wonderland. I was half passed out and on the ground and yet I saw them there. The ones she called friends.

What a strange unusual day…

~Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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