Egg Hunt

Alice hadn’t the faintest idea why rabbits and chocolate eggs went together. The fact that she would have to “hunt” eggs down seriously puzzled her. After she shoved a third egg in the front pocket of her dress, she thought she rather fancied a nap. And so little Alice lay under a large shady oak tree, away from the other children. It’s not that she didn’t like them, well she thought that wasn’t quite true, she didn’t like them all that much… But she found their behaviour to be lacking something important. She was just unsure what that was. It was true that Marree could paint birds and Thomas could ride a horse, even sticky nose John could fence quite well. But under all that she couldn’t understand why they never asked why, and when she did, their reply to her was always, ‘because’.

Why is the sun blue?


Why doesn’t a horse talk too?


Why must it be an Easter bunny, why not a cat?

Because, because, because.

They grew tired of her questions, and she grew weary of their inability to know anything at all!

After a while she drifted to sleep and she thought how clever am I, this is what an easter holiday should be, rest, not a dreary egg hunt.

~Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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