Hugo’s Human

Snow fell. In the mist of the grey mountain were talons the size of elephant tusks. Drawn out huffs of breath rumbled and echoed in the base of Hugo’s throat. His bright green eyes looked beyond the mist of the mountain, for they were as sharp as eyes could be. Or at least he thought so. A loose strand of fur shook out from one of his large, grey talons. There was a body in the corner. He was bored of it and his hunger was subdued, but Hugo’s heart longed for the hunt. The flight and capture. Mainly he just liked stretching his wings, there wasn’t much else to do.

When he came across the grasslands below the mountain, an unusual smell flew through the light breeze. He was sure it wasn’t sheep or pig or goat or horse or bird. He felt absurd so he followed it. His tail left thick lines in the dirt. He walked pressed to the ground, and once he was sure of his direction, he wandered high and proud. He was never scared of food.

When the kid ran up and touched his face he sucked in a lungful of smoke. His eyes had stretched wider than the entrance of his cave. The child’s eyes were wide too. A small girl. He hair fell from under her tightly wrapped hat. The golden haired girl jumped about to touch his scales, and went all the way round to his tail. To which he responded with the flap of his tail. Up and down it went. This did not deter the child for she latched onto it. Hugo’s tail had now a newly found weight. It indeed continued to go up and down – child attached. She giggled and squealed all the while Hugo began to spin. The child came down with a thump. A scream occurred. Hugo didn’t understand the liquid that came from her eyes. Without noticing he had come round and lay his head very much near hers. She blinked thrice and sat up to clap. Before he could raise his head she had both small hands on either side of his face. She smiled, her eyes pearly shades of green, brown and gold.

Hugo decided he would keep her.

A few years later he could be seen in the sky with his human. He called her chicken, she called him Raven. Neither liked their nickname but the pair, both golden and shining, kept flying together. Through clouds of rain and snow, it’s a wonder they didn’t die early but grew old together, well as far as I know!

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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