Mother’s Day

A small green leaf rested at the base of a tree. It wasn’t time for it to fall. It was not orange or yellow but green. Still in all it’s colour and brightness, it wasn’t ready to leave not yet, but still it took flight. The leaf was at the mercy of the light breeze that cartwheeled it around.

It passed stalls of luscious flowers, bouquets about town. There, there was scents of roses and orchids combined as the leaf flew them by.

It passed signs that announced trays of ten dollar cards and a lady just picked up five.

It passed by a cemetery or two watching as loved ones said their hellos and goodbyes.

It passed by a cat rescue, where some would discover they were a mother to one or two furry faces tonight.

It passed a good deal of lunches that turned into afternoon tea with deserts to a mother’s delight!

And pretty soon the leaf looked and found it wasn’t the only one alone too.

It passed by dads and grandparents and the postman on fourth, but none had a mother to buy flowers or say those loud hellos to.

Still the leaf found, settling under the shade of a different tree. Mother’s day is for mothers that is for sure, but if this new tree that sheltered it could be a protector too, if it’s all the same, the leaf wanted to say thank you to the others, even if they’re not its mother at all.

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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