A brick wall. Not exactly a blank canvas. Not exactly a canvas that hadn’t already been used before. Someone had pencilled in a poor version of a face. The lips had an appropriate gap in the brickwork.

“I love Sasko” was etched in pen and an odd lizard was also drawn in pen, but the lines were thick and ragged. I didn’t think they were the same author. I considered leaving a mark of my own. Sure it was not my wall but the temptation to be apart of this made me think absently if I had a pen on me. It also dawned on me that I would like to draw something, because I didn’t think I had anything worth writing, but what to draw?

I settled on an arrow for two reasons. First that was something I could draw. Second I thought it might point someone in the right direction, which was at the shelves in the library, instead of wasting their own time looking at this wall or worse what I was going to do which was to add an arrow. Before I even got out my pen I thought, is it worth it, I decided no it wasn’t. I made a decision that made me feel in control, empowered, I thought it best to tackle the six articles that were in my care. Notice how I say thought, it’s been 20 minutes and nothing had been achieved not even the stupid arrow, I had so much work to do, so much…who was I to get stressed? I decided I had plenty of time, I was capable, I had discovered that my phone could link to the uni’s Wi-Fi which enabled me to watch Netflix, in which case I watched an episode of Suits first.


~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis


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