Queen Tilly

A crowd gasped. The sound disrupted the drumming. All stood still and then in a second they didn’t. They rushed over one another in an attempt to flee the scene but all the disorder caused was delays. People trapped in corners, others tried to crawl around others, feet stepping on hands and bumps that were going to be the making of parsley coloured bruises tomorrow.

The Queen had been rushed into the undergrounds of her castle, and ordered by her intelligence that it couldn’t  be avoided. She was told they must flee. Young Queen Tilly looked absently at the room her father devised for moments such as these. A picture of her family strung up on a wall. She stood alone, with three men that told her she could be next, that danger was imminent. She took their warning to heart and allowed them to lead her through a labyrinth of doors and damp stone walls.

No one uttered a word. It took three hours to transfer to a secure location. Even Tilly was not certain where she was. A lady named Ulla set tea aside for her and though it was far from warm, it would do. Tilly looked at her men rushing about, making calls and wondered how, with so much power, there was nothing she could do to help but wait.

24 hours and the crisis dissolved but Tilly, the last of her family returned to the castle. It hadn’t felt like home for some time since her family died. But her privilege as Queen was that it didn’t have to. The gardener Sam, the house maid Rachel all had families that now felt at ease and safe again. Young Tilly loved the people of Yospiniana and rested easy knowing at the very least, her people were safe and her intelligence had done their duty by her and more importantly, for them.

The news credited Queen Tilly the next day for Yospiniana’s safety but she knew who saved the day, and how it wasn’t just one person who ensured a kingdoms safety. It was the responsibility of all. Days followed and kindness came from kingdoms that had not been effected by the attack. They supported her people in light of such an attack, which made the kingdoms closers.

~Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis


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