Through the ferns and wildflowers, the girl’s eyes danced to the colours of nature. Her lips whispered a wish amongst the dandelions, and she had not the slightest fear to drink from the clear blue stream.

She returned home.

The following day the girl brought a basket with the intention of picking berries. The tall grass sang the song of summer and pollen whipped around in the breeze. The girl’s brown hair flew in her face. She giggled and danced around and spun until the world was not one colour but a blur of many and she laughed and laughed until she tumbled into the soft ground and raised her hands to the sky. Her hand grasped at the clouds that were so very far.

She jumped back up and found bits of grass nestled into her brown locks, but thought it made her look wild like magic. She grasped at her basket, and went back into the thicket of the forest where she was delighted to find raspberries and blueberries ripe and ready for picking.

The young girl without too many faults that were known had a rather small weakness. She was a hungry child. Truth be told she ate far more berries than those that made their way into her basket. The sweet juices dripped down her chin and by the end, her face and palm were stained pink.

She felt rather tired by this point and hadn’t thought she had worked nearly this hard before. Although she was not certain what she meant by this; if it was due to the picking or the eating.

When she opened her eyes she was under a tree in the sun and on the tip of her nose was a very pretty, pink fairy with wings like diamonds and soft grey eyes. She wore glittery flecks of sapphires in her hair and a dress entirely spun of gold. The girl felt the tip of her feet that felt lighter than the most delicate lace and couldn’t help but remain still and quiet for the longest five seconds of her life.

The fairy made a shy giggle of her own, kissed the tip of the girl’s nose and fluttered away like a butterfly would.

The girl returned to the same place for years to come, but never saw the fairy again and her mother did not believe her story. Her mother said it must have been the berries, which she tossed in the garden, claiming them to be spoiled somehow. The girl knew what she saw and was glad to keep it her childhood secret. She told her children of the pink fairy that mamma saw in the wildwood their eyes sparkled the way hers did when she saw that fairy in the briefest of moments.

Written by ~ Stephanie Kentepozidis. 



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