Alice’s Mother

Dancing in the blue brink of her eyes were stories that could make a mother cry in frustration and a friend suggest insanity. Alice had rarely spoken more than two word’s and had eaten no more than a morsel of food that had been strictly forced upon her.

There was many an occasion where she looked like she wanted to say something towards me, then sighed thinking against it.

I didn’t think her mood would be swayed until Lady Greeves paid us a visit accompanied by her daughter of a similar age to Alice called Penny. Penny had ideas that she kept tight between her bitten lips that blushed rosily. Her mother had told me that the girl’s opinions were outrageous and if she continued down the path of sin she planned to exorcise the child. God-fearing women made tea get cold and days drag long, so I wasn’t all too pleased to see our girls go to play and to sit with this woman.

When Alice returned she smiled and Penny clutched a dozen or so papers. They came in, leaves clinging to the edge of their shoes, and smelt like pine. The paper facing me read, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

I could only smirk when Penny’s mother found out they had written a book. I took a sigh of my own haven read it to find out it was based on my daughter’s delusions, that we later masked as an imaginative “dream”.



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