Twin Lockets

Two lockets were passed down to two little girls. Both were identical both lockets and girls.

The lockets brought the gift of happiness and luck for good girls, said their Nan but the girls soon forgot these words.

As time went on, the eldest of the twin girls thought the other locket was prettier, shinier and asked her sister for a trade. Her sister refused as she believed both lockets were the same.

Disgruntled by her younger sister’s refusal, the eldest took this as a sign that her younger sister clearly knew that hers was superior and was selfishly keeping it to herself. While the girl slept her older twin took the locket from her neck.

The younger sister’s snore whispered to a single breath and then to silence. As the elder sister put the additional locket around her neck she felt strangled and huffed out air until she too was taken by the silence of death.

The lockets both identical in power lay against the lifeless body. For sometimes wanting more meant the lockets gifted far less and as they got bought by another set of girls, they spread a harsh lesson.  Fair or not that is the tale of the twin lockets.

~Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis


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