Alice’s Music Teacher

“Just think Alice,” said Alice to, well, Alice.

She didn’t know why she thought to say the phrase aloud would help her as, you know, thoughts were inside her head which were the ones she wanted working, and eventually ‘thinking’. Alice thought, (therefore she must have been thinking) that if she said this she would be like the many adults who also contemplated pushing their thoughts forward to solve a problem, and those adults would talk their thoughts, although Alice thought what they said most of the time was nonsense. Still, she wanted to be grown-up when it came to her thoughts so she asked herself out-loud again,

“Think Alice.”

The problem wasn’t so simple, Mary Lee of the Charltin Lee’s was trampling just moments behind her. Alice thought her movements sounded like trampling because she was the largest woman Alice had ever seen aND THE LOUDEST.

Who was she? If you asked her she might say sweetly that she was the well mannered, highly fashionable, most competent music teacher in the country. If you asked Alice, she would say that she was most respectfully forceful and abundantly, an unimaginably boring hag that stalked children into song!

Alice would also say that she had the habit of asking Alice to undergo the most boorish, ghastly, inhumane task of singing amongst Mother and Father’s friends. Alice wouldn’t count them as her friends, because just before she began to sing they would look like the most devilish creatures who would tear at her if she slighted a note.

The only sensible thing to do was to run away, but Miss Charltin would catch her, most brutish she was, dragging Alice by the hand and encouraging her with a smile as though that would solve anything at all.

Alice had quite enough of her and though today, like most other occasions her thinking only led to running away, she hoped like she always did – to get as far away as possible. Then she fell down a rabbit hole and into Wonderland and was glad that the flowers hadn’t asked her to sing. Very glad indeed. Things were starting to look up, or down if you counted the fact that her eye level was blades of grass, still, it was an improvement – or so she thought.

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis 


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