In the Wood

Alice exploded into a fit of tears. She gasped out breaths. The flowers smiled sinister smiles as they were watered. Few laughed but most sighed in delight. Alice tried huddling below a tree but through teary eyes, she became more and more frightened by the distorted eyes she saw shine by the moonlight. It was like they were closing in on her. When she felt she couldn’t hardly get any more afraid, something soft touched her neck. Her mouth opened but the scream didn’t come to. What did was a cat that in a purple and pink glow, assembled himself together like a dozen of ribbons of fur joining itself to the tail until Alice saw a pearly grin.

“What’s the matter?” The cat purred on her shoulder, twisting its face to be a centimeter in from of her eyes.

“Nothing,” she replied trying to shrug it from her neck.

The cat cartwheeled and turned so that it now all appeared in front of her, in front of the glowing eyes.

“If nothing is the matter I will go.”

“No! I mean just look at them! That is why I am afraid” Alice said clutching her skirts at pointing at the eyes.

“Them?” the cat gave a harsh meow and dozens of eyes danced into the light wearing black spectacles. They looked like butterflies as they were almost two-dimensional.

“I don’t understand,” said Alice.

“Curious,” said the cat, “People always fearing what they don’t understand but never fearing what they do,” and with that the cat unravelled and Alice fell to sleep against the tree trunk feeling safe with the eyes watching for danger for her. How mistaken I was to fear them, she thought.

~Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis


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