Top 10 Reasons to see Alice in Wonderland @theballet

The Australian Ballet has been performing a version of Alice in Wonderland, that is currently being performed in Melbourne. Listed are the top 10 reasons to see the ballet:



Alice has a boyfriend. Alice’s romance with a Queen’s guard takes her to new heights – literally, there are many jaw-dropping lifts to admire. Most memorable of the two’s duets included one in which Alice held a flamingo. Ever wondered if you could dance with your boyfriend while holding a fluffy, soft, pink bird? Now you don’t have to and the result is hilarious. There were too many perfect duets with these two and although I hate to be romantic there was an ending pose where the pair made heart shapes with their arms that seemed to go on like an infinity symbol – it was so cute.



Hatter’s tap dancing solo. Although this was brief, it was extraordinary to watch. The clever tea-pouring choreography will make you smile. A highlight in this routine was the tricky combinations that were paired with occasions where the Hatter goes on pointe in tap shoes.



Kisses galore. Everyone was coupled up and another fave pair was the crazy kitchen maid and the executioner. You would think it would be WEIRD but with her knife and his ax – it just sort of works.



The flower scene. There were petals falling from the ceiling – I MEAN PETALS FALLING ONTO PASTEL TUTUS ONTOP OF DANCERS WHO DANCED SEAMLESSLESSLY WITH THEIR PARTNERS! (Did I mention everyone was in a couple? – yes even the flowers). This was my favourite scene, it was magical as petals whisked across dancers skirts, across the floor and then the dancers were lifted across and swirled amongst pairs.



The Red Queen. Alice had beautiful round arms and fluid movements. The Queen was angular with sharp arms that tended to indicate the chopping off of one’s head… and as one might guess, she was very cross. She also channeled a kind of sass that seemed to draw you in and when she was in the room you just couldn’t help but be drawn into her big presence.



The sets and costumes looked like a lot of work went into the,. This added a – what I’d imagine – going to the opera effect. Everything looked like it warranted a photograph.



The White Rabbit. He was so darn cute. He had these little nervous ticks and then would try to look regal; I’d seriously want to take him home but then I remembered he was human and not a cuddly bunny. The way the rabbit is incorporated into the story was perfect as he made such a cute friendship with Alice. P.s they sold little bunny’s with the Australian Ballet embroidered on the back – so I did take a bunny home 🙂



Everyone was really good actors. It’s almost a three-hour production. The dancing was on pointe – pun intended – but the storyline and acting were far from clichè which made you laugh or feel frustrated while following Alice’s emotions. The acting was incredible.



The soundtrack. You can’t beat a live orchestra and the score was beautiful. It had you traveling down the rabbit hole and fearing for your life in the butcher’s house and feeling calm amongst flowers.



Good company = Good show. Half the enjoyment is going with someone you care about or have fun with. This show was definitely worth the night out to make some memories with friends or loved ones.


~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis



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