Alice Paints

Alice looked up at the Two-of-Spades after he had set up his canvas. The paint was smeared by a metal stick that Alice thought was inefficient compared to her five-year-old fingers.

‘I want to paint the roses’

‘No, no, no’ cooed the Two who went on to say, ‘we only do that if they’re the wrong colour.’

Alice nodded at this with her face scrunched up to look thoughtful, like this was very serious information indeed.

A trumpet sounded and the Queen rushed past the Six-of-Diamonds, bonking the card lady on the head, causing the card to spin three times and plonk on the ground the rest.

‘Girl you are small is that correct’

‘Yes, your majesty’ replied little Alice who struggled to balance in her curtsy, causing her to dip either side of her fanned out skirts.

‘You can paint?’


‘Excellent. NAIL POLISH,’ said the Queen. All at once twelve cards staked in front of her making a pyramid shape and each held out of their black glove different shades of glossy red nail polish.

The Queen pointed and the other cards disassembled as the chosen polish was held by a shaking, kneeling card.

‘CHAIR,’ she called as she snatched the polish from him and shooed him away and so next a chair rushed through the doorway.

Alice painted beautiful hearts out of red polish. Well, she thought she did but in actual fact Chesha the cat was sweeping her smears away and painting them on with the tip of his nail. Alice needed the help, she was only five after all.

~Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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