Wonder-ful Teacup

Alice hadn’t gone near a cup of tea – in what her Mum described as – many moons. She couldn’t look at the fine china cup without a strong want to move places, to change cups, to add sugar into a mechanical device to fix it… Truth be told, part of her thought she really ought to try sugar herself so that she might be fixed.

Alice grew older and but still remained wary and rather suspicious of teacups. And rightly so for on a most special occasion she was handed a cup of tea by her soon-to-be mother-in-law. The hot cup seared at the tips of Alice’s fingers, so she resorted to holding it just by the plate.

Her blue eyes gazed into the steamy liquid and she noticed that it swirled like it would if a spoon was turning the tea around itself. Alice brought it subtly closer to her face as her mother was chit-chatting about some idle, insignificant gossip. The liquid began to distort into an array of different colours.

Alice brought it closer still thinking she mustn’t have seen right. Alice’s stomach churned in the oddest way and she found that she was swimming. Swimming in a place that looked all too familiar but smelt oddly like jasmine green tea.

A sharp sound flittered through the air like a butterfly but Alice kept swimming hoping to find a shore. She had almost given up when she felt a pain from her leg, she was drowning, gasping, there – no – where was she to find air?

Alice woke to her mother patting a damp towel against her head – she didn’t know what was real anymore.

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis


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