Bright Eyes

Alice hadn’t the faintest idea what to do. The jam on her toast was dripping furiously, her nose was itchy but her hands sticky AND her tutor’s mouth was going at such speeds she wondered if the lady would need time to come up for air with her constant chattering.

Then Alice was told she was to take her lessons outside. She had thought her tutor’s voice would be over after breakfast but still, the lady sputtered and lectured as they were walking to their usual spot near a large tree.

After some time, Alice noticed her tutors face squash in a way that meant she was about to talk about something that she would call – important – but Alice most certainly would not. In any case, this was prime day-dreaming time, for when Alice’s tutor went into this state she hardly noticed what Alice was up to at all.

Not that Alice could get up to much except not listening. Allowing her tutor’s voice to drown out like the blue sky that Alice’s bright eyes admired. Until the lady’s voice was washed away completely, and Alice was left with her own thoughts tinkering away at one idea or another.

Alice liked looking at the sky like it was a lost ocean only she had found. She certainly preferred it to dead flaky book pages. Then there was the clouds, her favourite part of the sky.

Alice saw many a creature in the clouds like cats who’s stripes spun out and dissolved altogether.

A small man in a hat that was pouring a tea from his cup into a teapot.

A butterfly with wings of bread being chased by a particularly angry-looking woman.

The clouds always changed. Her mother had said her head was always in the clouds and often used the phrase, “Alice in the Clouds”.

But Alice liked the way things looked up there, way up high. She thought that if she stretched her hand out far enough it looked like she was patting a soft creature of her creation. But Alice never felt a thing, in fact, she wasn’t even close to touching them and as her tutor lightly tapped her head with a book she was very aware that she was still stuck on the ground. If only she could be in the sky where she longed to be, thought Alice.

~Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis



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