A Look Through Santa’s Window

Candles were a flicker, with flames licking off the last traces of dust from crisp wicks. The house smelled strongly of cinnamon and the fire crackled along brightly. Santa hadn’t a wink of sleep in what felt like years but perhaps just from the start of December.

The lights of the workshop looked ablaze through the frosty windows. His elves were tinkering away, clanging tools and spraying paint and wrapping with metres of bold golden ribbon and such. There wasn’t a whisper of silence as machines and elves alike ran full steam ahead once more through the December night.

Santa recalled his first Christmas like it was not long ago. Where he gifted children blocks, wooden birds and dolls made out of straw. The presents had changed but a child’s innocent faith had not, as smiles erupted from chubby pink cheeks on the sight of a gift from Santa.

Santa appreciated that some things had changed like raisin cookies becoming ones with a layer of icing that was sugary and delicious. As well as more streets that lit his way through icy blizzards and sand dunes and all the streets he would need to visit.

His reindeer were ready for the travel ahead and Santa knew that little faces grew excited and dreamed asleep in their beds. Dreams filled with tinsel and sleigh bells and red noses would linger this night. And Santa with help from magic would spread some holiday cheer tonight.

Merry Christmas from Alice in the Clouds 2017

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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