Don’t Say No

Don’t say no, my father said down the street,

For one day you’ll walk away from someone crying in need,

Don’t say no out of assumption or an unsteady hand,

For any act of kindness is good, do you understand?

Don’t say no, my mother said down the street,

For everyday fear can drive you away from the opportunities you may greet,

Don’t say no out of hesitation or insecurities,

For what you say can’t go away but nothing only leads to nothing – how bleak?

Don’t say no, my love said walking down the street,

For in their eyes their feelings weren’t disguised behind anything,

Don’t say no out of past hauntings or the anger that you keep,

For your love is there to chase away the ghosts and any distress so you may sleep.

Don’t say no, my heart said in a hospital wing,

For I know it’s time to go but I hold on breathlessly,

Don’t say no to fighting on instead of resting endlessly,

For my mother raised a fighter and so I will fight off this sleep.

Don’t say no, said life as lessons walked down the street,

For if you ask for strength then a challenge shall you meet,

Don’t say no out of distrust and heartache for life is long,

For every step you take will make you very very strong.

Don’t say no to the walk or be tempted by every pit stop you see,

For every second changes to something else, that’s what life taught me.

~Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash

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