Ice Witch

The shadows clawed at her neck but she hadn’t a clue they were drawing closer. It was like ice that brushed like fine needles, a cold shiver. It was a mystery as to why she felt a chill tingling down her spine making her back ache.

Bree didn’t move but slowly that chill spread and she opened her eyes only to be faced with ones made of glass. Glassy black dilated eyes stared her down intently. The frame of the figure hovered above Bree’s bed inches from her. The figure had shockingly sharp edges like she had been carved from an ice block. Her hair jagged and long, spread far past her neck.

Bree didn’t dare move for two reasons.

One, she wasn’t sure what it would do if she did.

Two, if Bree moved even a hair, the hair would surely be sliced through by this things body.

Bree didn’t have a chance to explore her non-existant options for the ice witch drew forth her heart. She examined it, the warm blood made her claw-like hand melt slightly. The Ice Witch tucked the dying heart quickly in a gap of her chest that was covered by loosely hung fabric. It became in sync with her frosty breaths. The Ice Witch replaced Bree’s with one designed of ice.

In the days that followed, and even months, Bree didn’t notice a change. Not until summer came and her heart stilled.

The Ice Witch needed to find a new girl, one that lived with a cold heart while she with theirs. And so she flew on, a shadow in the night, a frost with the harshest bite.

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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