Cold Jacket

Life is like a cold jacket.

There, over there, there is a warm car. It’s comfortably warm, your fingertips are comfortable. You’re wearing a jacket. The jacket is comfortable; it doesn’t press tightly against your forearms as you’re maneuvering the steering wheel in the car.

You’re heating is on.

You park. The parking spot was unfortunate as it was further back from your destination than you would like – but – you’re grateful. You’re grateful for the opportunity to put your car somewhere rather than the traffic-congested search you would have been faced with had it been moments later.

Here’s the thing, it looks cold outside, but it’s ok you’ve come prepared. Unlike all those other times you forgot a jacket or didn’t care to bring one, you are the master of preparation. You have earnt your status of warmth.

You get out of the car. It’s fucking cold. How is it so fucking cold? You came prepared, you are wearing a significantly high-quality jacket and you have it zipped up. All this does not matter. Here’s why.

You climatized in the car; by wearing the jacket in the car, you became used to the additional warmth you are now carrying.

This “warmth” period has ended. Your jacket is cold, touch it, you’re cold and so is the jacket.

Life – sometimes – is like a cold jacket.

Even if you’re prepared, smart, thoughtful, the elements’ – in the jacket’s case the weather – won’t allow you to be comfortable because there are some things you can’t prepare for. And sometimes, sometimes you’re just fucking cold anyway.

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis


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