Be Brave

He didn’t know what to say. He wanted to change her. That’s what he said to himself over and over. He didn’t believe it once. She was everything to him. Then she looked up, her eyes swollen with tears unable to fall under her bright, blue eyes. He said,

‘I don’t know but sometimes if you’re faced with the impossible you can become very brave.’

‘Brave Papa?’

‘Alice, did you ever wonder where monsters come from?’

‘Mum said my head, she said I must have fallen and hit my head,’ said young Alice.

‘They do come from your head,’ he said.

‘So she was right, I knew I-‘

‘But they also come from here.’

‘My heart? My heart is a monster?’

‘No your heart holds all your imagination, and then it runs and tells your head. You know, though it tells your head something else.’


‘To be scared. To feel scared. Your heart isn’t scared of what can’t hurt you.’

‘But the bunny-Papa he said-‘

‘He said you were late?’


‘Did your heart tell you that?’


~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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