Stage Three

The fan insisted on rattling, the air made a blowing sound, there was an incessant beeping coming below, we didn’t hear the first scream, but we heard the second. By this time there was no one alive in the cupboard to tell us why, or what happened, but the trail of sugar on the side of her lip did.

‘What is it this time detective?’

‘Sir it’s a code sugar rush.’

‘The coffee beans?’

‘Didn’t kick start her.’

‘The broccoli paste?’

‘Didn’t level her, we are at stage three, I repeat a stage three.’

‘Give her… the fish oil.’

‘But Sir-‘

Her eyes went wide as she gasped in the last drop.

‘Miss Alice?’



Alice blinked thrice.

‘I didn’t want that,’ she said. She pushed the rest of the fish to the side edge of her plate.

‘I suspected as much after all those sugar cookies you stole from the kitchen. But Miss Alice why in heavens did you scream?’

‘I imagined you were a detective.’

‘You did?’

‘And you found me dead in the cupboard.’

‘You did give me a fright young lady.’

‘And Mother ordered you to feed me all these disgusting things. The worst-‘

‘Broccoli?’ he said. He moved the piece of fish back to the center of her beige china plate.

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis






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