Her breath cut short, all she heard was him breathing. It was like razors tracing her neck all day.

Her hands haltered when she set his pillow next to hers, saw his toothbrush’s bristles slightly leaning against hers, heard his friend leave another stupid message on the answering machine.

When she did get her own box to put her own things in and started piling them in she wasn’t sad.

She was told she was meant to be, that this was the hardest part.

It wasn’t though and that just made it harder as she put her things in the back of her car, not his, and went.

The road seemed to go on forever that day. A five-minute drive that didn’t seem to end. The radio blurred in the background of her mind but every now and then she heard an obnoxious laugh, and she couldn’t help but feel it was meant for her.

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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