Alice’s Cat

The trees stretched wide, lacing branches together so that it was uncertain where they started to cross over, only that they formed a magnificent arch together.

‘At least they don’t sing. But I saw that, and there was- lost,’ said Alice, more to herself than anyone else, still that didn’t mean others weren’t listening.

‘Lost?’ said a voice.

‘Who-‘ Alice flicked a strand of hair that whipped in front of her face from almost turning so quickly she might’ve fallen – and heavens if she fell once more today she would surely become quite cross!

‘How can you be lost?’ it said, sounding like it came from another direction entirely.

‘I shouldn’t speak to strangers, I-‘

‘But you seem capable of doing just that, you’re doing it now,’ said the voice.

Alice peered behind a purple fern but it hadn’t come from there. She pondered, her hand bunching in her skirts, like the tangible fabric would be the only sane feeling in the world and she thought –

‘You are going to crease your skirts,’ it said, Alice spun.

‘Up here,’ it said and sure enough, Alice was met with a bright-eyed and extraordinarily fluffy cat.

‘So cute,’ she sighed admiring tuffs of fluff and purple stripes against a black shiny coat. Curious.

‘Cute, well yes that is-‘

‘May I pat you?’

‘No, no, no no…I-‘

Alice climbed the tree far too quickly and-

‘Good grief! No I – I am not to be pat!’

‘And why not? Your fur is the softest of any cat I know and the colour, just extraordinary, I hoped-‘

‘Oh alright, but tell no-one,’ said the cat.

After a few pats, the cat began to settle and Alice spent the afternoon up in a tree wondering how she got lost and what she should name her talking cat. Something respectable she supposed but she wasn’t sure…stripes perhaps? No…

~Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis



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