A moon, a letter, a kiss

Whether it be a whisper or a song, my darling I don’t forget the time gone.

The letter clung in her hand, or perhaps her fingers were latched on oh so tightly – perhaps too much so.

Hot tears fell through to the lake unnoticed as a symphony of croaks, a hum of light buzzing, and big crunchy leaves rustled. Fireflies danced over the surface of the water so that every light multiplied to look like hundreds were aglow.

The girl kissed the letter and let it slip into the water. Though she had thought it would quickly sink to the bottom, it floated across the bank where she was met by another set of eyes. Eyes she knew the depths of better than this lake from her childhood.

The pair gazed across the peaceful bank under the moon’s light. It didn’t matter that all she could see was the beams that hit his face in lines of silver or that he hadn’t said a word or that they were a lake apart.

An owl beat its wings and sat on a nearby tree, but the girl could scarcely hear anything. All she knew was that he was there, hardly as far as he once had been.

An act of fate smiled kindly on the two and the girl’s letter brushed lightly against the bank on the man’s side.

In turn, he picked up the letter and gently dried it against his shirt. Then he read what he could.

It was like the clock had rewound and the time lost had been found.

The girl saw it in his eyes, his furrowed brow, she sighed – it was about time. Though the war had ended quite some time ago, it hadn’t for her. It was not until she had seen him here.

With a kiss under the moonlight and a damp letter in his hand, her heart glowed as she saw her firefly, the light she had always known, home.

~ Written by Stephanie Kentepozidis

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